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By ordering a service with VP Cleaning Services either through our website, via e-mail, or phone, you automatically agree to our company’s terms and conditions listed below:

  1. Our professional, fully trained, and courteous staff is responsible to provide you with the highest quality of cleaning services that comply with your home or office’s needs.
  2. VP Cleaning Services will assign a principal cleaning lady/team to each home or office we clean. In the event that we have to switch the lady, one of the team members, or the team altogether, we will immediately notify you. In such cases, we still promise the same quality and care that your regular staff delivers.
  3. Any concerns with the service provided - as specifically arranged between our office and client - must be reported within 24 hours of the service date. Accompanying images are welcomed to showcase the issue. We promise to send staff to redo the work in the problem areas within 48 hour-period. Our goal is to ALWAYS deliver what we promise you!
  4. If a cleaning staff takes a leave, or the client is not satisfied with the standard of service provided by this staff member, we will give our full effort to find a replacement as soon as possible.
  1. We do not move heavy/large furniture and items, unless they are on wheels and easily portable. We give our best to clean underneath and behind them as much as their position allows.
  2. We do not climb on furniture to reach high areas. Our limitation is a two-step ladder which aids us in reaching the top of kitchen cabinets, above fridge and stove, and top windows in standard ceiling height rooms.
  3. We do not clean inside cabinets and wardrobes (except vacuum), neither we clean bar shelves, book shelves (surface dusting only), vintage furniture, crystal and breakable chandeliers and items.
  4. We do not clean ceilings and widows inside that are higher than 9-feet and/or unreachable with a two-step ladder. We do not clean windows outside, except glassed balcony/patio doors.
  5. We do not clean areas where there is pest and bed bug infestation, as well as animal, human and biological waste. We do not clean in an environment with strong scents or that has health endangering equipment or items. We do not serve properties where there is no running hot water, no electricity or proper lighting conditions. Please call in a professional who can handle such environment s. We reserve the right to refuse any work, be paid for the time travelled and spent on the location, upon discovering that the environment is not up to a livable standard as per the needs of the average public member.
  6. For after renovation/construction services, we do not clean or remove: glue stains, paint stains, tape and tape stains, handle any other equipment and supplies than ours, or work in properties where renovation or construction is still ongoing. Renovation and construction contractors are the only ones aware how to clear construction material and residue and remove any large or endangering equipment and products from the property. We do not take responsibility over such work as we are not trained and we risk causing more damage than help.
  1. Our prices include cleaning supplies and equipment, except vacuum and specialized supplies.
  2. If you wish that we bring our own vacuums, please know that the vacuums we have are smaller so they are easily portable. But this doesn’t guarantee that they are suitable for your home or office’s needs, meaning the quality of cleaning may not be perfect, or it will take us longer time to vacuum the areas. We also cannot guarantee that the vacuums will be fully cleaned and disinfected prior to use during your service. For hygiene and allergy-safe purposes, we still strongly advise you that you provide your own vacuum cleaner.
  3. In cases where you prefer to provide your own supplies, please make sure you have everything in full working order. We will ALWAYS try our best to perform the service as expected with what we have provided. But we cannot guarantee the final expected results or that we will perform the full service in the slotted time. This will result in extra charges for the extra time needed. Simply, we don’t take responsibility for poorer results in this case.
  1. Please keep your property organized for the day of the service. We want to be able to concentrate on performing your service as quick, efficient, and with exclusive attention to details. Unless we have arranged additional services like organizing, tidying up, washing dishes, washing, drying, ironing, and folding clothes, please make sure these tasks are not in our cleaning areas. We want to be able to deliver what we have promised you without distractions.
  2. We L.O.V.E. pets. But for their safety and for the efficiency of our work, please make sure they have their own designated area during our service, where we do not disturb them. We also welcome them to walk around freely, if containing them is difficult. But please give us detailed instructions on how to approach them and work around them. We do not guarantee the highest quality of service, though, when they are around us. Paw prints and pet hair quickly get stuck to wet surfaces, and equipment can scare them. We also do not guarantee their safety while we work as cleaning supplies do have some chemicals in them. Also, we enter and exit your home. So we do not guarantee that they may not slip past us outdoors. In other words, we do not take any responsibility over your pets’ safety and behaviour while working in your home.
  3. Please put away any valuables, money, fragile items, and confidential information. On our side, we guarantee you that the staff that comes to your home is fully background checked, trained, and has the kindest and most caring attitude. But we do not take responsibility for keeping a vigilant eye over expensive, personally valuable and/or breakable items and surfaces. Such things include, jewelry, art, porcelaine, clothing accessories, electronic accessories, small items,
  4. china, crystal, gift items, wallets, vintages, and any item that is of high monetary value or serves personal needs or has high sentimental value.
  5. Similarly, we do not take responsibility over improper installation or flooring, countertops, chandeliers, picture frames, furniture, and home decorations. We give our very best to treat these areas with greatest care to avoid any damages! But we do that with the assumption that everything in your home is safely installed and secured. We ask that you communicate with us about any specific needs/furniture/appliances that we need to be aware of and how to treat them. Our goal is to aid in the cleanliness and safety of your home!
  6. If you require any additional services, or wish to customize your service, please notify us 48 hours in advance. If there are any special instructions your cleaning lady/crew needs to be aware of, please notify us ASAP.
  7. Please provide us with full access to your facility and disable any alarm systems (or tell us how to handle them properly). If we are unable to enter your home or office, we will bill you for the time our staff awaits entrance. We also cannot guarantee that we will complete your full service if our staff begins later than scheduled because of delays on your part. We adhere to a service schedule, and we cannot sacrifice the service of another client to complete yours as it wouldn’t be fair.
  8. If you need to instruct the staff prior to beginning the service, please do let us know, so we can schedule the extra time in your service, free of charge. Our staff understands that the service time begins once they gain access to your property. Any instructions you deliver to them during the service can delay them, in which instance the service will not be complete in the slotted time. As a result, we will have to charge you extra for the time needed to complete the service. We kindly ask you to communicate with our office when you have special instructions during the service. Our office is in continuous communication with our staff, and it can relate your instructions as efficiently as possible. You can also request a 15-minute free-of-charge instruction session prior to your service start time with your serving staff. But this one has to be requested at the time of booking!
  9. If your children, nannies, other family members or other workers are present during our service, please know that we are not responsible for the final quality of our work or take responsibility for any damages, unless we notify you of them directly. We also cannot take responsibility for any health concerns these individuals may have or face as a result of the cleaning supplies and equipment we use during the service. Please know that we cannot perform efficiently if they interfere with our work.
  1. All rates quoted are per cleaner per hour. In other words, if you have booked with us a four-hour service, and we send you one cleaning lady, she is required to work for four hours.
  2. If we send you two cleaning ladies, they are required to complete the job for two hours. Similarly, if you book a four-hour service with two ladies, the total service time equals eight hours. The quality of the work is the same and everything will be completed as per total service duration. The only benefit to having a team than one lady is that they are in and out of the location quicker.
  3. If our staff works more time than the already booked time because you requested extra work, caused them delays, or didn’t provide them with proper working environment, this time will be billed and has to be paid immediately after the service.
  4. Our minimum total service requirement is 3 hours long per visit.
  5. If you use our online booking system, you can via PayPal. If you choose the option to pay by cash or cheque, payment is due at the time of service, collected by your cleaning lady/team. We issue you an e-mail invoice after the service.
  6. We also accept direct invoice online payment via Mastercard, Visa, PayPal transfer, and Interac e-transfer.
  7. You are responsible for all bank and legal charges resulting from a dishonored cheque/payment.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse any scheduled services until all outstanding balances are settled.
We kindly ask you to provide us with a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your service appointment. Please provide them via phone only. Please do not leave cancellation information with your cleaning lady. You agree to pay a cancellation fee of one service hour per lady, if you cancel or change the date/time of your service in less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. If you have provided our staff with a key or code for entry, they must be able to open all locks without any special efforts or skills.
By using our services, you agree that after the termination of our business relationship, you will not hire, or use any domestic services provided by a current or past cleaning staff of VP Cleaning Services. If you wish to hire or use domestic services provided by such a cleaning staff, then you must pay VP Cleaning Services a referral fee of $2500.00 per person. You agree to pay this fee whether you notify us of your action or we discover this independently. We remind you that all cleaning staff at VP Cleaning Services have a written contract.
By using our services, you agree that you will not attempt to hire - verbally or by other means - or use our staff for services we provide. If you wish to hire or use domestic services provided by such a cleaning staff, then you must pay VP Cleaning Services a referral fee of $2500.00 per person. You agree to pay this fee whether you or our staff notify us of this action, or we discover this independently. We remind you that all cleaning staff at VP Cleaning Services have a written contract.
Although it's not necessary to tip our cleaning ladies, it is encouraged as it is the best way to say, “Job well done.”
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