Disinfection Services

Your wellbeing and health are the guiding priorities in our services. To offer you the best protection and quality, our disinfection service specifically follows Health Canada and Ontario Public Health’s disinfection guidelines.  

We complete each disinfection service after your scheduled cleaning services.

See our estimate table in our booking system to guide you on your home or office’s disinfection needs.

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We wear PPE during the service to maximize effectiveness.
We monitor our staff's health 24/7. If a staff member, or anyone from their family, reports any symptoms, they remain in isolation until they are healthy and have proof of a negative COVID-19 test. We require a negative COVID-19 test in the cases when we may suspect a staff member has been exposed to the virus.
We disinfect all supplies, bottles and equipment prior to each service.
We use bleach-, alcohol- and chemical-based cleaning products listed on Health Canada's website and mixed/diluted following the Public Health Ontario's guidelines.
After cleaning, we eliminate bacteria and viruses by thoroughly wiping all surfaces with approved disinfectants and equipment.
We use fully washed and dried (or new) clothes and mop heads.