10 ways to have dog and clean home
May 9, 2023
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Having a dog at home is a wonderful experience. However, cleaning sessons become much more frequent and detail oriented.

We came across this article in the “Modern Dog” magazine and decide to share with you.

Top 10 tips to keep your home clean for longer when you have a dog.

Tip 1. Use an automatic vacuum
Consider a robot vacuum. You can run it even out of home. Or some of robot vacuums can be programmed to run on a certain schedule.

Tip 2. Clean with a lint roller
It is the perfect tool to be added to your cleaning caddy

Tip 3. Give pedicures
It is a preventative measure for limiting unsightly nail damage such as marred hardwood floors, scratched leather and punctured upholstery.

Tip 4. Keep stain remover close by
Use it on stains as soon as you see one

Tip 5. Wipe your paws
Place a good quality doormat outside the door and a washable throw rug inside the door.

Tip 6. Cover up
Not only will you protect furniture from dog hair and potential stains, but it will help keep doggie odors down.

Tip 7. Contain the mess
Placing a rimmed tray under the food dishes is a good way to catch some of the mess and allows for easy clean-up.

Tip 8. Stay on track
Grab your calendar or your phone and set up regular reminders to use flea preventions, or change flea collars.

Tip 9. Wash feet
Add a hook by the door to hold a towel for wiping paws. Alternatively, you can use a dog paw washer.

Tip 10. Invest in durable materials
To avoid clawed-up carpet and a dirty couch, opt for decor made of durable, sturdy materials.

Did you find these tips useful?

Source: Lea, Schneider. “10 Ways To Have A Dog AND A Clean Home.” ModernDog, moderndogmagazine.com/articles/10-ways-have-dog-and-clean-home/99481

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