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About Us
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"With a background as a nurse,

I turned into cleaning when I came to Canada....with maybe 10 sentences of English. But I loved every part of this experience. I connected with my community. I build my language skills. I discovered that just like in nursing, I can help people live a healthy and happy lives. I can enrich them and contribute to our multicultiural community with my European background and work ethic.

So, I set on a mission to create a service that elevates the Canadian standard of living."

- Valentina Puncheva

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bring our centuries-old European work ethic and vision to help our multicultural Canadian community to grow happier, more beautiful and healthier.

We seek to imrpove the industry standard for quaility not only of the final result, but the full scope of our services.

Each of our clients is unique and special and so are their homes and working spaces. It is our top priority to bring out their beauty, brilliance, and cleanliness every single service.

Our Team

Get to know us.

Valentina Puncheva
Founder and CEO
Valentina has always had a passion for helping her community and an eye for cleanliness and order. It is not surprising that these two qualities led her on the path to create VP Cleaning Services. Today, through her work, Valentina has taken more on the mission to serve her community. She also organizes donations and support to children with needs, seniors and animal wellbeing programs and organizations. She helps new immigrants create home and happy life in Canada, many of whom today are successful business owners themselves. On top of that, she still leads VP Cleaning Services as the most awarded cleaning and housekeeping company in her region, including its recent top recognition by the Canadian Business Review Board.
Lyuba Ivanova
Senior Manager
Lyuba is the woman on the front line, in your email and on the phone. Bringing a 10-year experience as a Montessori teacher and administrator, she joined VP Cleaning Services with the same passion to care, give and grow. Here she found home, balance and happiness, which she translates into her daily leadership and management.
Ann Shostak
IT Support
As part of WebDesign Sun’s team, Ann is the woman who makes us click. She pours her sleepless hours and innovative vision into improving your online experience with us and keeping us always online. Our promise to you is her only purpose: always at your fingertips.
Oksana Abramova
Senior Supervisor & Maid
As the most senior staff member, Oksana brings almost 10 years of experience and devotion to VP Cleaning Services’ clients and her co-workers. Her work ethic, acute attention to detail, specialized knowledge and interpersonal skills make her an invaluable part of VP Cleaning Services’ values and culture. She loves organizing and making clients’ homes look even richer and welcoming. She loves spending time with her grown son.
Elena Malinovskaya
Supervisor & Maid
Elena has been with VP Cleaning Services for almost 5 years. We call her the woman with the smile because she is always smiling no matter what happens. She brings that positivity into our work environment. Her enthusiasm and care are pillars of VP Cleaning Services. She says she loves walking into homes and seeing the clients’ smiles, too. But most of all, she loves seeing how her work brings out those positive moments even more. She spends her free time with her husband, or painting and gardening.
Anastasiya Ivanova
Brand Manager
We specialize in taking care of you, while Anastasiya specializes in taking care of us to be the best for you! She has been our brand manager since 2013, building our very first website and online engagement. For the past years, she has been able to shape our brand to match our values, design our marketing and service strategy to help VP Cleaning Services become a leader in our industry, and she helped us establish our rewarding connection with our clients and community partners. Anastasiya’s days off include traveling to spend time with her friends and family and building decorations with her son.
Interested in working with us?
By joining our team, we promise you full training, flexible working hours, on-site protection, exceptional compensation and a team that cares! Your success and happiness are invaluable parts of us being the most awarded company in the York Region for the past 4 years. If you wish to be a part of this great experience: to feel supported in your goals and to contribute to our detion of making people's lives easier, we will be delighted to have you in our family!