Over the years we have worked in many types of homes various in size and design. We know that each house or apartment is like a living being! As a result, it has its own needs, specifications, and so to say character. This is why our goal with residential cleaning service is to care for each home exceptionally and with great consideration of what makes it a happy living space. We know that you take pride in your home, and we take pride in the work we do!
Every detail matters to us!

  • Stairs and hard floors vacuumed
  • All carpeting vacuumed
  • Mop and dry wood and tile floors
  • Hand wash and dry marble
  • Flat areas damp cloth dusted
  • Dust & polish furniture
  • Couches and chairs vacuumed and wiped down
  • Windows sills wiped down
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Dust knickknacks, lampshades and pictures
  • Shutters, blinds dusted
  • Baseboards dusted
  • All doors cleaned
  • Mirrors and glass surfaces cleaned and shined
  • Sinks cleaned and disinfected
  • Outside of range hood cleaned
  • Top and front of range cleaned
  • Counter tops cleaned and disinfected
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave
  • Clean refrigerator exterior
  • Trash emptied, general dusting
  • Clean cabinets’ faces and doors
  • Clean table and chairs
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Clean and disinfect toilet
  • Mirrors cleaned and shined
  • Shower cleaned and disinfected
  • Sink and counters cleaned and disinfected
  • Tile walls and bathtubs cleaned and disinfected
  • Wipe down outside cabinets, drawers and cabinet faces
  • Floors hand washed and disinfected
  • General dusting
  • General dusting
  • Clean washers and dryers exteriorly
  • Sink washed and disinfected
  • Floor and rugs area vacuumed
  • Tile floors mopped
  • All doors wiped

Our Deep Cleaning service is a detailed house and commercial cleaning, which is done to areas that have not been maintained by regular cleaning service. During this service, we take care of the heavy duty grime by giving more time, attention and care on scrubbing, washing, and polishing each and every furniture and space. We also perform the following deep cleaning services for both residential and commercial areas.

Deep Cleaning service includes:

  • Move in clean ups
  • End of tenancy cleaning
  • Post construction clean ups
  • Post renovation cleaning
  • Pre and post event clean-ups

Please be advised that you cannot book deep cleaning service through our booking system simply because each type of area requiring deep cleaning is individual and we need to discuss its details.

You can always call us at any time convenient to you to inquire about our deep cleaning service, get a precise quote, and book.Our contact number is 416-838-6214.

We at VP Cleaning Services also offer cleaning products that are environmentally safe for your home. These products are part of the "Legacy of Clean" products line by Amway Global. Because they are made using recycled materials and non-hazardous ingredients, these supplies not only leave your house looking fresh, but also feeling fresh.

Try them today and feel the difference!
You can substitute regular supplies with these ones for your service at an additional price while you book your service either online in the section “Additional Services”, or when booking by phone. Our contact number is 416-838-6214.


Why choose us


We at VP Cleaning Services are fully certified with over 10 years of professional experience in the area of housekeeping and care for the environment.

Privacy & Security

VPCS is Fully Insured with 2,000,000 in general liability insurance. Rest easy knowing your home and your personal information is protected.

Last minute booking

We know that sometimes 24 hours are not enough to call them a day. This is why we happily accept last minute bookings at the time convenient to you.

Gift certificates

We offer wide variety of gift certificates just a click away from you. Specially customized to fit your needs and budget.

Additional Services

  • Windows inside

    We clean the windows inside thoroughly by removing the detachable parts, including screens & railings. We also clean out the frames from top to bottom, as well as the windows seals.

  • Fridge

    We leave your fridge sparkly clean by scrubbing and polishing it thoroughly on the inside and outside. We also move the fridge, so we can clean behind it and above it, along with its surrounding kitchen area.

  • Stove

    We turn your stove into store selling item by carefully giving it a scratch-free, professional, deep cleaning. We focus on the inside and outside, moving it out of its original position, so we can reach well behind and below it.

  • Change of beddings

    Leave changing your bed to us. We would love to do it. By the time we are finished, we will have your beds done, ironed, and arranged in a way that it will make you feel even more special. And you are so special to us!

  • Laundry

    We promise that those full laundry baskets will never bother you again once we step in! Adding this additional service to your regular one, you will have your clothes washed, dried and folded in a way that only we do it.

  • Kitchen Cabinets

    Do you want to give your kitchen cabinets a spring clean-up without actually having to do it? Let us take care of it by inviting spring into your kitchen as we wash and disinfect your cabinets thoroughly inside and outside.

  • Ironing / Folding

    Wrinkles on your clothes? Pile of clothes waiting for you to fold them? Don’t worry! We will tackle all the wrinkles on your clothes with a hot iron and no mercy. And about that pile of clothes? Consider them folded!