Residential Services

Your home deserves a corner-to-corner care. Here is how we do that.

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By request, clean and disinfect inside empty cupboards
Clean and polish stove and range hood
Regular chandeliers Swiffer dusted
Clean backsplash & cupboards' bottoms
Wipe all cupboards and handles outside
Clean and polish externally fridge and oven
Clean and polish sinks and coutnertops
Clean and polish kitchen chairs
By request, thoroughly clean oven and fridge inside
Clean microwave inside-out and polish all counter appliances
Wipe doors and handles top to bottom
Vacuum and mop floors
Dining Room
Master Bedroom
Childrens Bedroom
Living Room
Master Bathroom
Laundry Room
Office Room
Additional Services
Windows Inside Your windows are more than just the glass. We clean them inside thoroughly, including screens & railings. We polish the frames from top to bottom, as well as the windowsills. We clean the outside parts only if they are on low-level balconies or backyard doors. Fridge We leave your fridge sparkly clean by scrubbing and polishing it thoroughly on the inside and outside. We also move the fridge, so we can clean behind it. underneath it and above it, along with its surrounding kitchen area Stove We turn your stove into a store selling item by carefully giving it a scratch-free and professional deep cleaning. We also scrub and polish inside the oven, then we move the stove out of its original position, so we can reach well behind and below it. Change of beddings Leave changing your bed to us. We would love to do it. We dress and arrange your beds with your favourite fresh sheets. For the good morning and good night that you deserve. Laundry Who loves doing laundry? We do! Adding this additional service to your regular one, we wash, dry and fold your clothes with care and attention. Because each sock comes in a pair. Kitchen Cabinets Your kitchen cabinets deserve a spring clean-up, but you don’t have to do it. Let us invite the spark inside your kitchen as we wash and disinfect your cabinets thoroughly inside and outside. Ironing / Folding Wrinkles on your clothes and piles of clothes on the bed don’t belong together. Don’t worry! We tackle them with a hot iron, experienced hands and some Tasty folding tricks. our drawers never looked so tidy! Disinfection Service Your health and wellbeing are just as important to us. We give your space another layer of protection by eliminating viruses and bacteria from all surfaces.